CoOrdinator is no longer being developed. We have many clients still using it successfully however we are unable to devote the time trying to get it to run on newer systems. We have left this page up for historical reference only.


Now You Can Import or
Export Coordinate Data
into AutoCAD
Quickly and Easily!


CoOrdinator allows you to:

crosshair Import or export data into and out of AutoCAD using just about any ASCII format
crosshair Cut & Paste from Excel or any program that uses the Windows Clipboard
crosshair Place the data in AutoCAD as points, polylines or even a block/symbol
crosshair Export data from AutoCAD attributes or text values
crosshair Apply a constant or offset to your ASCII data
crosshair Define your own data delimiters - even multiple characters
crosshair Define your own line delimiters - single or multiple lines
crosshair Import multiple coordinate strings into AutoCAD by using a code or line number / point number
crosshair Show non-coordinate ASCII data as text or attributes in AutoCAD
crosshair Exclude any number of header lines with a simple point and click
crosshair Easily place a table of coordinates on your AutoCAD drawing
crosshair Save and Retrieve previously used input configurations for greater productivity
crosshair Plot data as scaleable rectangles or circles based on data in the input file
crosshair Import data by specifying data ranges within the data file

and more....

CGSS developed CoOrdinator as many of our customers were battling with importing and exporting ASCII data. There are a large number of data sources such as Excel spreadsheets and ASCII files that could be used in AutoCAD.

These files can come from numerous sources such as Unix based programs, GIS products, old DOS based products or even just a data-logger - as well as AutoCAD itself.

While it should be a quick and simple task to get this data into AutoCAD, if you have ever tried this, you know that this has not been the case - until now!

CoOrdinator provides a convenient and easy way to import or export data into and out of AutoCAD using just about any ASCII format. This data can be brought into AutoCAD as points, polylines, text, rectangles, circles or even a block.

Export data can include non-coordinate data such as text string values or symbol/block attribute data. The typical reaction of our clients is amazement! In fact we sent the latest version to one of our large mining clients to try, and he sent back an email with just one word .....

CoOrdinator just gets the job done - simply and without fuss to save you a huge amount of time!

As one brief example one user used to hire two students for three months to export sections out of AutoCAD and then re-import these sections flipping the X and Z coordinates. Using CoOrdinator they got the job done in only two weeks with just one person! How's that for a productivity gain or a Return on Investment (ROI).

If you have a need to work with ASCII data (and in our experience, sooner or later just about everybody using AutoCAD does!) then you need CoOrdinator.

"I find the CoOrdinator software extremely useful when importing my GPS survey data into AutoCAD" - Jeff

30 Day Money Back GuaranteeMoney Back Guarantee
CoOrdinator is sold with our Money Back Guarantee. This is a 30 day, no questons asked, money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason whatsoever within the first 30 days, we will refund your money - no questions asked.